Mount Royal Youth Orchestra

The orchestra with heart

Welcome to the Mount Royal Youth Orchestra, where you can play great music in the company of other friendly young musicians. Under the direction of dedicated and passionate chefs you will prepare concerts of a very high level. It’s a captivating and exciting way to learn and nurture your passion for the great classics of the orchestral repertoire.

Our Ensembles

Symphony Orchestra

The most advanced group of the OJMR welcomes 14 to 25 year olds. The Symphony Orchestra offers these young people the opportunity to acquire advanced orchestral playing skills by working on demanding and stimulating works in order to play them in concert. It is a unique opportunity for them to get familiar with the great symphonic repertoire.

Dolce Musica

The intermediate string orchestra is for ages 11 to 15. It offers young people of medium level the opportunity to learn the basics of orchestral playing and to prepare to play in the symphony orchestra. The repertoire chosen allows them to gain technical and musical confidence and to work on all aspects of their instrument.

String Ensemble

The junior string ensemble is aimed at 5 to 12 year olds and gives them the opportunity to discover the pleasures of playing together. The repertoire is carefully chosen and arranged so that everyone can participate; every student, whatever their level, is included, stimulated and encouraged.

Wind Ensemble

An ensemble created for young wind musicians. It gives musicians the chance to develop their technique and their musicality while giving them the pleasure of making msic in a group. The repertoire will allow them to develop as wind musicians and prepare them for the repertoire and orchestral playing techniques.

Upcoming Concerts

Season Pass

Thinking of coming to several concerts this season? Take advantage of a discount with the season pass ($ 65 for adults, $ 35 for students and seniors and $ 20 for children) and which gives you access to all regular season concerts as well as the gala concert.



Small donation can make a long way…

With the exception of professional conductors and rehearsals, the OJMR is an organization entirely administered by volunteers. Our income from government grants, the sale of concert tickets and donations from individuals. Every dollar you are able to donate directly to the mission of the orchestra and is appreciated.
The MRYO is a registered welfare organization and your donations can be deducted from your Quebec and Canadian tax returns.
Donations may be made either by cheque made out to Mount Royal Youth Orchestra, or online by Paypal.

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Please mail your cheque to:

Mount Royal Youth Orchestra
5038, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, CP 23031
CSP Vendome
Montréal, QC  H4A 3V4.

Please indicate in which name the receipt should be issued and your receipt will be sent to you promptly.

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On behalf of our young musicians, a big thank you!

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